CMI's Sustainability Pledge

Just say no to Foam!

As part of our company’s commitment to being Green, CMI encourages the use of sustainable products. All the substrates we manufacture on are either recycled, recyclable or both. Paper, plastic, metal and natural fibers.

When foam is heated, it causes toxins to be released into the food it is holding. Subsequently, CMI Pack does not offer foamed plastic products (styrofoam). We encourage sustainable, food safe alternatives instead.

Smarter Packaging means smarter, more socially and environmentally responsible materials. With 3 out of 4 millennials indicating they are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products, it just makes good business sense.

Our commitment to being
Green means:


  • All materials are recyclable and/or
    made from recycled materials

  • We do not sell any styrofoam

  • Our products are reusable

  • Packaging products are made from paper, metal, plastic or natural fibers / sugar cane

  • 100% food safe packaging

  • Non-toxic packaging

Call 813·600·9904 or email to find out what Eco-Friendly Disposable Packaging options we can offer you. Check out our Product Catalog.


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