Tamper Resistant Systems for Catering and Delivery


CMI provides chain restaurants innovative catering and delivery packaging options - 2GoLock.
This new packaging system gives restaurants customized or generic tamper-resistant packaging solutions to ensure drivers of 3rd party delivery drivers are not eating or touching food. 

Custom Labels       Carton Seals       Bag Seals       Foil Pan Sealing       Beverage Seals       Catering Boxes


Custom Labels

Custom designed and printed labels to seal any container.

  • Perforations for tear-and-open

  • Tamper-evident back option

  • Label product inside container

  • Custom and Generic Options

  • Seal bags, cartons or sleeves

Tamper-Evident Labels


Carton & Sleeve System


2GoLock Paper Carton Sealing System

  • Perforated Label System

  • Several Container Options

  • Tamper-Evident Labels


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Bag Seals


Custom designed labels to fit any bag.

  • Perforations for easy opening

  • Several Styles and Sizes

  • Custom or Generic Options



Beverage Sealing Machine


Seal beverage and soup cups with CMI's semi-automatic sealing machines.

  • 90 and 95 mm sealing units

  • Paper or Plastic seals

  • Hot or Cold Options

  • Custom or Generic printing

  • Custom size dies available

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Foil Pan Sealing Machine


CMI offers several ways to make food containers tamper-resistant. 

  • Easy to use machine

  • Retains heat 

  • Perfect for pasta and deserts


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Catering Boxes & Carriers

CMI offers custom designed corrugated packaging options for large meal options

  • Custom Design

  • Strong Corrugated Material


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